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“I had a chance to see Steven and Kristy perform the other day, and the thing that stood out to me most is the mandolin and poetry blended together perfectly . The poetry is deep and well worded, and the mandolins soothing sound compliments it beautifully. The two of them together are well worth watching.” Holden from Austin, TX

“My husband & I thoroughly enjoyed an open mic experience we attended a couple of week-ends ago.  In particular, we liked a poem written & read by Kristy, with Steven playing the mandolin in the background.  The two genres complemented each other beautifully, & were both thought-provoking & peaceful.  We look forward to seeing them perform in the future.”
MC from Austin, TX

“We were very fortunate to hear Kristy and Steven at Malvern Books recently.  This is truly a gifted team, with Kristy’s poetry and Steven’s mandolin playing. Very inspiring, heartfelt, thought provoking poetry by Kristy with Steven’s outstanding mandolin accompaniment. Their performance leaves you wanting to hear more and leaves you feeling blessed.  Their talent is truly a gift and we hope they will continue to share more in the future.” MK and RB from Lockhart TX