Pastor Steven’s Story

My walk with the Lord began in 1993 and has blossomed through the subsequent years. I was ordained as a pastor in 2012 and have had a vision for this ministry since that time. I have been playing some form of music since fifth grade --- alto sax, guitar and now mandolin. It wasn’t until I met Kristy that I knew the time was right to step out into the world to share my gift in this format. As a disabled Army veteran, I have a keen sensitivity to all of our Lord’s people. I would be honored to perform for your church or venue.

“Steve Clarkson is an Austin-based mandolin-toting Pastor.  In a world that seems every day a little more riddled with selfish-driven behavior and attitudes, Clarkson has selflessly devoted his life to bringing the word and majesty of Jesus Christ to the people.  The purity and passion with which he does this comes through in his solo mandolin recordings.  While he may not hit the levels of virtuosity of David Grisman or Ronnie McCoury, his music can be extremely soothing and can take the listener on elegant internal personal journeys.  What more could you ask for from music? 
Clarkson is very dialed-in to the feedback of his listeners.  The comments he has received about it enhancing moments of devotion were expected.  What surprised Clarkson was that some related stories of children (or themselves)being put peacefully to sleep to his mando, others find Clarkson's music an ideal adornment to wine and conversation and one joyfully points to Clarkson's dream-like sound as a key part of his success in lowering his high blood pressure!!  Personally I like to pop the disc in to help me through agitation created by Atlanta traffic."  

Rob Turner veteran music journalist